100% natural origin

Cosmetics pass through your body and into your bloodstream and breast milk…

In 2017, a study* revealed that French women use 16 beauty products a day! Over almost 50 years of life, this would correspond to 300kg of products being absorbed by the skin.
You could never imagine where your cosmetics could end up… in your blood, your urine and even your maternal milk! How long do you keep these molecules in your body? No one knows, but the studies are unanimous: we are all polluted.

Now that you know… what could you do? Probably like us…the absolute priority is to use the most biodegradable ingredients possible. And therefore obviously, ingredients of natural origin. 100% certified by independent organisations. This is our commitment without any concessions.

*Study carried out by the University of Western Brittany on “The probabilistic evaluation of the French population’s exposure to cosmetic products”.

A strong concentration of assets

Our trademark is the formula.

Novexpert is first and foremost a research centre run by scientists. As they are the ones who run Novexpert it is easy to tell what their priorities are. They make products that conform to their scientific convictions. Not to marketing.

Our muse is the formula. It must be the concentration of our discoveries. The most emblematic of these is Novaxyline, which has been awarded an exclusive patent. Inspired by the mystery of the Okinawa centenarians, this anti-ageing active ingredient uses a very advanced technology: epigenetics, which measures the intimate link between environment and gene activity.

Let’s be clear: we create the products we dream of in the hope that you will share our taste and our high standards. The path to great effectiveness often involves very high concentrations: 25% of a vitamin C complex, 3.2% of pure hyaluronic acid… Less talk, more numbers.

woman rubbing cream on her face


Your skin is sensitive, hypersensitive

More than 50% of women worldwide claim to have sensitive skin. For a minority, reactive skin has become the norm. This fact lies at the heart of the Laboratoires Novexpert formulation charter. 

You are perhaps not aware but European rules require brands to mention on their packaging the added allergens over a certain threshold. The total number is 26* and these allergens are often present. Novexpert’s engagement is clear: you will not find any allergens on our list of ingredients.

Why do things half-heartedly? With the exception of Lip’Up, were the mucous test cannot be verified, all Novexpert products are hypoallergenic. An additional guarantee? No, an obligation for Novexpert.

Labellable allergens according to Annex III of the European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

No precautions or warnings for for pregnant and nursing women

You should no longer have to give up certain products because you are pregnant.

We are accountable to you, and that means putting ourselves constantly and entirely in your shoes. Whatever your situation, you shouldn’t need to question our formulas. The entire range of Novexpert skincare has no precautions or warnings for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It’s clearly written in black and white.

French know-how, formulated by doctors

Everything is conceived of and made in France.

Every time we return from a trip we marvel at the uniqueness of our world. France occupies a very special place when it comes to beauty and we naturally draw on its excellence through universities, researchers and technicians. But also through craftsmen, creators and sometimes artists… Rest assured, everything is conceived of and made in France.

A word from Cyrille

“Novexpert is a wind of freedom and high standards. That is the least we owe you. You offer us this ultimate luxury, that of keeping this utopia alive, modest but brilliant. We thank you for it! “

And if these few words have aroused your curiosity, come and discover my uninhibited and sometimes counter-current vision of conventional beauty. Health, well-being, nutrition, cosmetics… I will regularly share these subjects in my columns. “


We are pioneers

The pioneers, a bit of a stickler

Now you know! The scientific journals are categorical: our bodies are contaminated to a certain extent by cosmetics. Is it still possible to keep going on with our eyes closed – as if nothing is amiss? Of course not.

Confronted by these polluting chemicals, Novexpert has always veered on the side of caution and now science confirms our stand. Now is the time to be in sync with our instincts.

We are committed to guiding and informing the consumer on cosmetics in a truly objective manner. In our product details you will find all of the ingredients with a clear explanation of their principle actions.

Power to the researchers

Only science guides our choices

In society, power is too often in the hands of the “marketeers” and financiers. This isn’t a derogatory judgement, simply the truth.

Before becoming a brand, Novexpert is first and foremost a research centre. A sanctuary for researchers and doctors, whose priorities and formulas reflect their scientific beliefs not the marketing trends. At Novexpert, the power lies with those who create the formulas not those who dress them up to sell them.

Everything is IN the product not in the packaging.

The company must make sense

We are accountable to our consumers and we dare to say no to meaningless and useless innovations. We are lucky to be free to say yes to sharing rights and obligations.

The goals of Novexpert are decided collectively. The main founders solved two of the biggest stress factors in the workplace – the question of meaning and personal satisfaction.

Excellence in research is in our DNA: demanding yet stimulating. Keeping our objectives and our values in balance is both the means and the end of Novexpert.
Everyone is implicated in this shared purpose. Shared decisions are taken over the budget, recruitment, profit sharing, the direction of research topics and even the pricing of the products!